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Vintage Monk Cookie Jar

This is a vintage monk or friar tuck cookie jar with the words: “Thou shalt not steal”  written on the front. This jar is an odd ball, what a thing to make into a cookie jar. It seems like he dates back from the 1970’s from the research I did. Twin Winton and Mccoy both made similar jars like this, but their version has the words in white paint across the bottom and looks different from the jar in my collection, another manufacturer must have been “inspired” by the jar and created their own. There is no marks or details that I could find on the bottom or elsewhere, but it is heavy and looks to be made from a thick dark brown clay because the bottom is not white ceramic like most jars. He is also one of my taller jars. Overall he is in pretty good condition, the gold paint writing and robe accent belt are still visible, and there are just a few paint scratches here and there. I always thought this jar was pretty funny, but I don’t remember where I purchased it from.

friar tuck cookie jar


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