Free Printable Thank You Cards

There are tons of free printable thank you cards online that you can print over and over again at home on your printer with card stock from a local craft store. Did your family just throw a party or shower for you, or did you just have a big event like a wedding or graduation and need to send out a bunch of thank you cards? Or if you are creative you can customize them in a graphic program to make your own personalized cards. It is becoming something rare to actually send hand written note cards in the mail these days. It is always a surprise when I find something other than a bill in my mailbox. Carry on the tradition of mailing a hand written greeting card when you want to express your appreciation to someone for something nice they did or a gift you’ve received.


Free printable teacher thank you card DOWNLOAD

Instructions for printing your free printable thank you cards

Step by step

1.) Save, Download or View one of the PDF files from this page.

2.) The printable PDF file that contains an image that will create two cards when printed on regular 8.5×11 Letter Sized paper or card stock. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and you can view this type of files with a free Adobe Reader.

3.) PRINTING – Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or any PDF viewer) you will need to change your print settings so that part of the card does not get cut off. Choose one of these two options:

a.) BORDERLESS – if you printer can do borderless printing (meaning there is no white edge around the outside and it will print the design to the edge of the paper). Then select: “Actual Size” or Page Scaling: None so it should print the cards to the edge of your paper.


b.) PRINTERS THAT HAVE AN UNPRINTABLE AREA – if your printer cannot do borderless prints, then you will have a white edge of anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch around the edges of your card. You can trim this off with a paper cutter for designs that go to the edge of your paper, or designs that have a white background you will just have extra white space around the edge. I make all my designs taking into account a 1/4 margin for printing. You can choose FIT to PAGE if it looks like part of the design will be cut off.

4.) Cut your page down the middle at exactly 5.5 inches.


5.) Score your cards in the middle at 4.25 inches and fold in half.

6.) You will then have created two thank you cards measuring 5.5 x 4.25 inches each.

Notes: Templates do not have score or cut lines, those are shown on the image as examples only. Use a paper cutter or ruler to measure where to cut your cards, or you can also fold the paper in half to create a guideline for cutting with scissors.


Word search DIY printable thank you card: Download PDF

Thank You Card Etiquette


When do you usually send out thank you cards?

The following is a list of events and occasions when people typically send out thank you cards. A typical rule of thumb is if you received a gift and did not give one in return (unlike during the holidays) a thank you card is probably expected. It is acceptable, but not mandatory to send thank you cards during Birthdays if you typically send the persona a gift also, however if you do not send a gift to a person who sends you one, then a thank you card would be a small sentiment to send.

1. Weddings – Probably the most common event that thank you cards are required.

2. Bridal Showers – You should send separate cards for the gifts received here and separate for the wedding itself.

3. Baby Showers – Could wait until after the child is born and include birth photos.

4. Graduations – Update family what the new graduate plans to do after high school or college.

5. Unexpected or Surprise Gifts – Only if the person is not an immediate family member.

6. Job Interviews – After a Job Interview to the person who interviewed you as a good reminder and follow up.

7. To a business contact when they have sent you a gift (this is not necessary during the holidays when
you have exchanged gifts).

8. After staying at someone’s home for free or for an extended period of time.

9. When you receive a gift in the mail since the person was not there to be thanked in person.

Saying the words “thank you” come naturally to some, whereas others may have trouble showing their gratitude. But regardless of the situation, this affirmation can have a big impact on the recipient.