Free Glitter Hearts Clipart

glitter hearts clipart
A free set of four glitter hearts clipart that you can use on your blog or website! These pretty graphics look as though they are covered in glitter and are nice on their own or with words over them like the image above. I’ve made the basic heart shapes in four colors, which you can open and save the full sized images at 800×675 pixels below:


magenta glitter heart clipartpink glitter heart clipart

purple glitter heart clipartteal glitter heart clipart

1 thought on “Free Glitter Hearts Clipart

  1. Thanks for the glitter heart clip art. I’m a church secretary and finding images for my service bulletins and newsletters can be a little tricky. I try very hard not to violate copyrights and to attribute images wherever possible.

    These hearts are going to be perfect for February.

    Thanks again and blessings to you.

    also: you said you like cookie jars. my mother had one for years that was two cats heading for the beach in a 1950’s blue convertible. It was seriously cute but you couldn’t sneak cookies. There was no way to open the thing without making noise.

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