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Free Bunny Clipart and Rabbit Drawing Tutorial

Free Bunny Clipart and Rabbit Drawing Tutorial

free bunny clipart

This page will show you an easy to follow tutorial for how to draw a bunny rabbit, and you can save the image as free clipart too. I’ve created this tutorial with easy to follow step by step instructions of each part leading up to the final drawing. After you view the page, you can also print out the instructions, save them to your computer as a reference to follow along with later. You can then save or download the image of the drawing as free clip art for personal or commercial usage as a PNG. And finally the outline is also available as a printable coloring page. This drawing guide is simple enough for kids or adults. You can use your bunny drawing for Easter decorations, share it online or just for fun.


bunny clip art

Click the picture to open at full size and save file as .PNG transparent

How to Draw Bunny Rabbit

how to draw a rabbit


Start: Step One
Draw the head


To start your drawing, make an oval to represent the head of your rabbit. I’m using a marker brush with a funny tip. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look quite the same.
Next: Step Two
Draw the ears


Next draw two shapes similar to a flower petal on the right side of the oval as the ears of the bunny rabbit. You will remove some of the reference lines overlapping areas at the end of the process. These are shown as reference.


Continue to Step Three
The body


The lines shown in green represent the body of the creature. Keep them within the width of the head.
You’ve made it to Step Four
Add the limbs and details


Complete your Easter bunny drawing by adding a face – eyes, nose and mouth. And add curved lines for the arms. Remember one arm is behind the body so you only see part of it. The leg can be formed with a backwards 3 shape and a rounded shape for the tail. The leg and tail form the base of the drawing.


This is how the drawing will look completed. You can erase the lines that overlap such as on the left side of the body and where the head and ears intersect. Color in your drawing with whatever colors you desire.

Free Monster Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Monster Printable Coloring Pages for Kids


This page contains free Monster coloring pages that you can download and print or save to your computer. Your kids can color the line art on the computer in a graphic editing program or if printed they become a home made coloring book. Create your own monsters coloring book for free with the images on this page. If your kids love to color, printing coloring pages that they like from the internet is a great way to keep them entertained. And if they love to use the computer and are budding graphic designers, giving your child free line art monster drawing to practice coloring will give him or her a head start in their future career. You can also save the PNG images and use the pictures as monster clipart.

Choose from any of the cute monster images that I have created below!

Clicking on the image will take you to my picasa web album in order to save a larger file to your computer.


The next monster coloring page is a sleepy monster with spots on his body and eyes like a snail at the tops of a pair of tentacles. Click on the image and you can save a larger sized version by downloading from my Picasa web album.

monster printable

The Monster King

monster king

All of the coloring pages that I have created are formatted to fit on Letter Sized 8.5×11 inch paper in the United States. This monster king has a chevron pattern that can be colored with different color crayons.


This monster was posted previously, view the free monster printable page:

scary monster

Free Star of David Clipart

Free Star of David Clipart

A star of david is formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles pointing in different directions. I created this black outline and blue and gold version clipart that you can download and save in PNG format.


Black and White outline Star Clipart:


I have always liked this shape. It can also be called a hexagram. I used to have a gold charm necklace with a star of david charm on it. I think it coincides with my love for geometry and geometric shapes. This shade is seen frequently in traditional Jewish culture.

Check out more posts from my site for free star clipart!


Free Polka Dot Heart Digital ClipArt

Free Polka Dot Heart Digital ClipArt

free polka dot heart clipart

I’m posting this free set of 4 polka dot heart digital clipart today – these are in pretty pastel colors, blue, pink, yellow and green. They would be perfect to use for a baby shower website or digital designs. My free clipart is okay for personal or commercial usage. I’ve also created a letter sized sheet with the heart images for easy printing if you want to use these as gift tags or embellishments – you can view the PDF below or save the digital images to your computer to post on your facebook page, website or blog. Incorporate into digital scrapbook pages or invitations. You can use these on items for sale on etsy, as long as the images themselves are not resold as is or as PNG incorporated into a scrapbook kit or clip art collection.

Full Page Printable Sheet: polka-dot-heart-printable

polka dot heart printable

Click on each image to open in a new window and “save image as…” to your computer. The hearts measure 900 pixels and are transparent PNG for easy usage in common graphics programs.


pink polka dot heart


blue heart


yellow heart




Free Glitter Butterfly Clipart

Free Glitter Butterfly Clipart

free glitter butterfly clipart

Free glitter butterfly clipart graphics that you can use in a digital imaging program or online. There are two PNG image files with a clear background. They have a texture applied that looks like glitter, similar to my glitter heart clipart.

You can download and save these very large images by clicking on the preview of each below. You can use these for personal or commercial use provided that the digital image available here for free is not resold or redistributed as is, but it can be incorporated into your own original design that is then made available for sale.

Click to open in new window. When image is loaded in the new page, right-click over it and save to your computer.

Blue / Green Version:

free butterfly clipart

Pink / Coral:

glitter butterfly clipart