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karencookiejarFreebies: I love creating design and printable freebies and sharing them via the web. This site was set up as a base of operations for sharing my creations.

Cookie Jars: One thing that inspired my love of cookie jars was that my grandma used to keep two jars in her pantry. One was filled with freshly made cookies and the other donuts. So every time I visited grandma a special treat came out from one of her two jars. I was very young, so I’m not sure what happened to grandma’s cookie jars, but I remember one was green and the other brown and they were simple jars.


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  1. Hi Karen, Thanks for your comment on my Candy Dot printables. I think for me it’s been more like 40 years since I ate them! I think a lot of candy and things are more fun to look at than eat, then I don’t feel sick after. Love the story about your grandma, so sweet! What a wonderful grandma to have her cookies jars fully stocked with homemade treats! That’s just so special. It’s hard to imagine the memories that will come from even simple things like that, but it’s such a big deal.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your monthly onesie stickers…they are so awesome! My daughter’s photos come out so cute every month! I’d love to show you. 🙂

  3. Hello! I was so impressed with your creative and lovely cliparts and want to apply one as a base of brand logo in my online shop.
    I just wanted to ask you if it is ok before using.
    I have been searching for lots of images and cliparts but this is the most wonderful site I’ve seen and you are such a great artist.
    If you let me know if it is ok it would be great.
    Thank you.

  4. hi karen, i was wondering if you ever decide to sell your orange monkey cookie jar, i would be interested.. i have the octopus and the frog that go with that set, plates and all, and the monkey is the only one im missing. i found him on ebay, and was sooo excited since its going on 3 years looking for him, got him today and hes in a million and one pieces. im so bummed. so please, if you ever decide you dont want him, please contact me! thank you!

  5. Hi Karen
    I have printed your Happy Birthday printable banner for my daughter’s party. Would you be able to tell me the font you used? I am trying to add her name to make it more personalized. Thank you for offering this and providing such lovely work.

  6. Hi Karen!
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your free cliparts, I looove the doodle hearts a lot!
    Thanks again for the free stuff, it’s hard to find good ones for free nowadays!
    <3 Michelle

  7. Hi Karen, I downloaded the happy birthday heart banner zip but it contained 4 PDFs with nothing on them. Would you be able to send me the heart templates?


    1. I downloaded the file myself just to check and the PDFs work fine. So maybe it has something to do with your Adobe PDF reader, try updating or viewing on a different computer? If you are trying to open the PDFs in Word, your web broweser or google docs, they don’t always display images correctly when embedded in a PDF – Use Adobe Reader.

  8. Hi Karen,

    I liked your picture of a downloadable shopping list.

    I have just used it as the picture in one of my tweets linking to my website where I have an article on the importance of preparing shopping lists. The picture I used includes your cute blue monster icon and the words “karencookiejar.com”. To clearly disclose that you have the credit for the artwork and so viewers know where to find your site to get this downloadable shopping list.

    Is this OK with you?

  9. Hello! I saw the Black bear with fish cookie jar today at a resteraunt. Is there any info on bottom of it. Brand etc. ??? I would like to get him for my mothers cabin in NC.

    Thanks bunches

    Linda tucker

    1. The bottom just says “Made in China” I did a quick search on eBay and found a listing for the same jar with the title “Cookie Jar – Bear Holding Fish” try searching for that to find it.

  10. Hi Karen,
    Do you still have the “Clue score sheet” available to download? If so, how do I access it?
    Thank you.

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