Free Printable Happy Birthday Banner

happy birthday printable bannerFree printable happy birthday banner that you can print and hang at your next birthday party. Just print and cut out the heart shapes and string them by either punching holes into the paper or discretely placing tape behind them to hold it to the string and it’s easy to create your banner. Each letter is one of 4 colors, blue, green, purple and pink. It can get expensive buying tons of decorations for birthday parties, that’s why creating free decorations are the way to go. Hanging banners are very versatile, the sign can hang in a doorway, on a wall, on furniture, or on the front of a table such as the gift table or the birthday boy or girls’ table.

Download the happy birthday heart banner contains heart letters measuring about 4 inches each when cut out and will fit onto 4 regular sheets of card stock or paper.

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