Pixel Art Heart Clipart

free pixel art heart clipart

I’ve created free pixel art heart clipart that you can save and use for any personal or commercial projects! I’ve always been fascinated by pixel art, but I’ve never tried making some. The style always reminds me of old video games, but it is still used today frequently in games such as minecraft. I was watching top chef masters and noticed on the one contestant he had a pixel art heart logo on the arm of his chef coat. I thought it was cool and since I love creating heart clipart anyway I wanted to try to duplicate the style using large over sized blocks. The image is mean to look blocky – that’s the point!

I’ve made the graphic in a few different color choices so you can pick your favorite and save it below. I also like to make everything large because you can always size down, so these are transparent PNG files in 1750×1750 pixels dimensions. Click on each image to open at full resolution and save to your computer:








Multicolor heart:

pixel art heart