Colorful Heart Shaped Clipart

colorful heart shaped clipart

This new set of free heart clipart is in various colorful shades and patterns including neon plaid, rainbow, black and white checkered, and striped.

I’ve created six different styles in all. Some are inspired by fabric patterns. I’ve been wearing a lot of flannel shirts lately as it’s getting colder outside. You can use these in any personal or commercial projects where heart graphics could be added for a cute touch.

Click on each file you wish to open and save large size images. All files are transparent PNG:

black white heart
Black & White stripe heart


colorful heart shape clipart
Colorful heart shape clipart


free rainbow heart clipart
Free rainbow heart


pink stripe
Pink stripes


stripe heart clipart
Gray stripes


red patchwork heart
red patchwork heart

3 thoughts on “Colorful Heart Shaped Clipart

  1. I really like the rainbow heart and wish to incorporate it into a logo for an art promotion business I am planning. I will gladly share with you the logo that I create.

    Thank you so much for sharing your work!

    Martin Victor

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