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Tissue Paper Butterflies Free Template

This page will show you how to make tissue paper butterflies, including a free pattern templates, and step by step DIY with photos of the finished craft.

Butterfly Template

tissue paper

Click here to download.

Cut out your own paper butterflies

Using the free download you can either cut out the full shape and use to trace and outline onto paper as a stencil, or use the half shape on folded paper to double cut out the shape in half the time.

tissue paper butterfly

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How to make a paper butterfly

butterfly shape

Using the template shape

Using 2-4 pieces of tissue paper folded in half, line up the half shape of the butterfly outline along your fold. Cut out along the edge of the butterfly shape – DO NOT CUT THE FOLD. Unfold and you will now have a complete butterfly shape. Crease the wings on either side for added dimension. You can use the same color tissue paper or mix and match different ones such as pink, red, and purple or match to your parties colors.

Attach to floral wire picks to insert into flower arrangements. If you place your tissue paper butterfly on strings you can take them outside during a gentle breeze and they will flap their wings like the real insects. The graceful movements will mimic that of a real butterfly.

Tissue Paper Butterflies

tissue paper butterfly

Party Decorations

You can use these tissue paper butterflies to decorate silk flower bouquets at baby showers, weddings, or any other parties or events. They look light and airy. Just attach with flower picks, or you can also use tape, pins, or a hot glue gun if outdoors.