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Free Monster Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Monster Printable Coloring Pages for Kids


This page contains free Monster coloring pages that you can download and print or save to your computer. Your kids can color the line art on the computer in a graphic editing program or if printed they become a home made coloring book. Create your own monsters coloring book for free with the images on this page. If your kids love to color, printing coloring pages that they like from the internet is a great way to keep them entertained. And if they love to use the computer and are budding graphic designers, giving your child free line art monster drawing to practice coloring will give him or her a head start in their future career. You can also save the PNG images and use the pictures as monster clipart.

Choose from any of the cute monster images that I have created below!

Clicking on the image will take you to my picasa web album in order to save a larger file to your computer.


The next monster coloring page is a sleepy monster with spots on his body and eyes like a snail at the tops of a pair of tentacles. Click on the image and you can save a larger sized version by downloading from my Picasa web album.

monster printable

The Monster King

monster king

All of the coloring pages that I have created are formatted to fit on Letter Sized 8.5×11 inch paper in the United States. This monster king has a chevron pattern that can be colored with different color crayons.


This monster was posted previously, view the free monster printable page:

scary monster

Free Star of David Clipart

Free Star of David Clipart

A star of david is formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles pointing in different directions. I created this black outline and blue and gold version clipart that you can download and save in PNG format.


Black and White outline Star Clipart:


I have always liked this shape. It can also be called a hexagram. I used to have a gold charm necklace with a star of david charm on it. I think it coincides with my love for geometry and geometric shapes. This shade is seen frequently in traditional Jewish culture.

Check out more posts from my site for free star clipart!


DIY Garland Ideas

DIY Garland Ideas

This page contains ideas for making your own DIY garlands for easy party decorations. I made all of these at Halloween, but you can use the ideas for any time of year or celebration.

paper chain

Everyone probably remembers back from Kindergarten how to make one of these paper chains. I cut 1 inch strips of paper from green and purple construction paper then tape or staple them into loops alternating my colors. The kids will enjoy making this one!

Use a Decorative Paper Punch

Spiderweb Paper Punch

halloween craft punch

Another idea I had for making a simple Halloween garland is to use a decorative edge paper punch, I have this neat Martha Stewart Spiderweb edge punch that I purchased to with other supplies to make a Halloween scrapbook this year. You could also use the 12 inch long chains of paper as a hanging garland, and don’t forget to make some paper spiders too.

Paper Chains

sewn paper chains

This circle paper chain is made using 1 inch circles cut from a regular grocery store paper bag. I then sewed them all together using a sewing machine to create this long chain of circles. You could make it more Halloween themed by using orange and black paper, or sewing it with orange or black thread. Don’t forget other color combinations like purple and green too.

Bat Garland – I have a whole post with a printable template for making this bat garland, check it out!


String candy or popcorn or food


If you have a lot of extra Halloween candy around the house, I had this idea to create a chain out of candy. Using any type of wrapped candy, simply punch small holes in either side of the wrapper and string with embroidery floss or any thin type of string. The candy can still be eaten after you are finished with it as a decoration. Shown here is a chain I made from gold wrapped Werthers Original, but you could use any kind of candy you have on hand as long as the package has a good spot to punch holes that won’t make the candy go stale.

Ghost Book Pop-Up Centerpiece

Ghost Book Pop-Up Centerpiece


I created these ghost pop-up book as a cute Halloween centerpiece on my table. You can take an old book page and draw ghost shapes on two pages. I did them freehand, but you can use the below free ghost pattern printable if you would like a stencil or pattern to trace.


PDF Printable

Then cut out the ghosts and draw some eyes or facial expressions with black marker. You could also punch holes for eyes. Finally create a pile of books with one open in the middle and tape your ghosts up onto the pages using a thin strip of card stock, cardboard or thick paper in the back to prop them up from behind.

Painting a Stool

Painting a Stool

painted stool

I’ve had this little stool around my house for over 10 years! It was a piece of unfinished furniture I purchased at the craft store a long time ago. I don’t really remember why or what it’s intended use was originally. After all this time, I finally got around to painting it. I should have sanded it, but I was too impatient and I don’t like saw dust. I wanted to use a fun and bright color.


I used Martha Stewart paint in the color: SCALLION

I choose satin finish because I don’t like gloss finish on furniture. It took about 3 coats of paint and I just applied the paint with a small paint brush. Nothing fancy. I’m happy with how it turned out. A little colorful item like this can help cheer up a room as a cute accent piece. I plan to put some decorative flowers in a pot on top and use it in my front hallway.

It didn’t take long to complete. I’d say about 10 minutes per coat of paint, then I just let each dry for a few hours and did the next one. It took less then one tube of paint.