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Free Printable Heart Tags

Free Printable Heart Tags

printable heart tags

For Valentine’s Day this year, I’ve designed this free set of printable heart shaped gift tags. They are in 3 styles and two colors, pink and purple. You can either print them out on letter sized paper or use the transparent PNG file as free heart clipart to decorate your website or blog during this time of year. A commenter also said they like to use these type of images to decorate company newsletters that they want to make look seasonal. This can be used for both personal and commercial usage, with the only restriction being I ask that you do not redistribute the download file on your site. You can print these and then cut them out to attach to candy bags as gift to from labels.

Click on the image below to open at full size and save it as an image file (PNG) .

Or you canĀ View, Save or Print a PDF heart tags as clipart


Colorful Heart Shaped Clipart

Colorful Heart Shaped Clipart

colorful heart shaped clipart

This new set of free heart clipart is in various colorful shades and patterns including neon plaid, rainbow, black and white checkered, and striped.

I’ve created six different styles in all. Some are inspired by fabric patterns. I’ve been wearing a lot of flannel shirts lately as it’s getting colder outside. You can use these in any personal or commercial projects where heart graphics could be added for a cute touch.

Click on each file you wish to open and save large size images. All files are transparent PNG:

black white heart
Black & White stripe heart


colorful heart shape clipart
Colorful heart shape clipart


free rainbow heart clipart
Free rainbow heart


pink stripe
Pink stripes


stripe heart clipart
Gray stripes


red patchwork heart
red patchwork heart
Red Heart Clipart

Red Heart Clipart

free red heart clipart

Six different gradient fill styles of red heart clipart for you to download and use for free in personal or commercial projects, websites or blogs. Each heart has a black outline around the edge. Different gradients and shading. The graphics measure 740×740 pixels and are transparent PNG files. You can choose your favorite or save them all! Great for Valentine’s day or anytime you need a little love.

Open each heart below by clicking on it and it will create a new browser window with the full picture for you to save.




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Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Clipart

Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Clipart

free chocolate chip cookie clipart

I’m posting these two free chocolate chip cookie clipart images that you can use for personal or commercial use! I was feeling creative and decided to “bake” some vector cookies (I might have been feeling a bit hungry too). The images are transparent PNG so they can be used on your website or blog, or in digital scrapbook layouts about baking with your kids or cooking for a holiday or event. It’s a shame I don’t have any cookies hidden away right now in any of my cookie jars.

Click on the image to view at high-resolution and save for use:

Image #1


Image #2


Pixel Art Heart Clipart

Pixel Art Heart Clipart

free pixel art heart clipart

I’ve created free pixel art heart clipart that you can save and use for any personal or commercial projects! I’ve always been fascinated by pixel art, but I’ve never tried making some. The style always reminds me of old video games, but it is still used today frequently in games such as minecraft. I was watching top chef masters and noticed on the one contestant he had a pixel art heart logo on the arm of his chef coat. I thought it was cool and since I love creating heart clipart anyway I wanted to try to duplicate the style using large over sized blocks. The image is mean to look blocky – that’s the point!

I’ve made the graphic in a few different color choices so you can pick your favorite and save it below. I also like to make everything large because you can always size down, so these are transparent PNG files in 1750×1750 pixels dimensions. Click on each image to open at full resolution and save to your computer:








Multicolor heart:

pixel art heart